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Detailed information about a community
Nashville Greenlands

Nashville Greenlands

Nashville Greenlands
2407 Heiman St
Nashville TN 37208-2415

Phone: 615-322-9523


Contact: Pam Beziat or Karl Meyer

We are a non-sectarian community, not based in prayer or religious doctrine, affiliated with the Catholic Worker movement through many years of personal association, and a deeply shared ethical and social vision. Our common purpose is to explore and demonstrate an ecologically sustainable way of life within a city, based on agricultural use of open land, and a simple common life to minimize our consumption of world resources. We also practice radical direct action for justice and peace, and use our houses and land for education about peacemaking and the nonviolent life we seek to develop.

We own four houses in an inner city Nashville neighborhood, with about an acre of arable land and housing for a total of seventeen community members. Each household is semi-autonomous. We welcome visits and inquiries from people who might be interested in joining us, or investing in similar land and houses that are available at very reasonable cost, nearby in our neighborhood. We also welcome visits from travelers interested in our vision and work.

Volunteers needed:
Occasional openings for long term community members or intern volunteers. As of 2010, weve begun looking for a young family, committed to similar ecological and social values, who would consider settling here permanently and becoming heirs to the land and vision of our community, as our founding members approach an age when they will want and need to pass on basic responsibility to others. Inquire to Karl Meyer at 615-322-9523 or

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