Denver Catholic Worker

Denver Catholic Worker

The Denver Catholic Worker is considering starting another house in Denver. We invite inquiries from folks who are interested in being live-in workers.

The Denver Catholic Worker community has been providing hospitality since 1978 to folks experiencing homelessness. We lost our home to fire in 2016 and were finally able to replace it in 2018 with an old four-bedroom house, also centrally located near downtown Denver. Our "new" home is in the midst of Emmaus Housing, a low-income rental housing program started by CW-related folks in 1999. Emmaus owns the Catholic Worker house, in order to keep it off the housing market in perpetuity. The Catholic Worker raised the cost of the purchase and repairs, and is tremendously grateful to everyone who contributed.

We have been operating at less than capacity because of zoning issues, which will hopefully be resolved in 2020 by a new city definition of "household." Our two smallest bedrooms are occupied by long-term single residents, and the other bedrooms are designated for families with immigration issues. One family has been living with us since June of 2019. The residents take care of the house with support from two CW old-timers who live next door. Our extended core community meets weekly at the house for fellowship and prayer. We hope to be able to receive help from interested volunteers when the house is fully occupied.

Denver Catholic Worker
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1023 26th Street, Denver, CO 80205

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