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Catholic Worker Eurogathering

May 17 @ 1:00 pm May 21 @ 12:00 pm

We would like to invite you to the coming Catholic Worker Eurogathering (yay!).

We would really like if you could send a short reaction on the following:

  • Are you planning to come? (yes / no / maybe / I’ll let you know after our weekly meeting)

And there are some more things that we would love input on but can live without, see below. But first, some info (below this great picture of last year, doesn’t it just make you want to reply “Yes!, I’m coming!” to this e-mail? :P):


Last Eurogathering we already picked a time and place, and they are both still on!

The Gathering starts on Wednesday the 17th of May (arrival between lunch and dinner) and ends on Sunday the 21st of May (departure before/around lunchtime).


The location is the same as last year, the ATD-fourth world farm ‘t ZwervelRaalterweg 19 in Wijhe, the Netherlands. It’s a place that’s been used for years as a vacation location for people living in poverty. it has a piece of forest, toys for children, and about 20 beds. Which brings me to our next question: if you’re coming, would you be willing/able to sleep in a tent?


Last year the gathering cost around €15 per adult per night (about half for the venue, and half for food). We try to pay on a solidarity basis, so if this is a lot of money for you, don’t let it hold you back from coming! Let us know, and we will figure it out.


If you have any ideas for workshops/roundtables you would like to organise, let us know!

Request from the US

We have been in contact with Catholic Worker Theo Kayser, who we all know (or should know) from the podcast ‘Coffee with Catholic Workers‘ (seriously, check it out). He would love to come to Europe, visit Catholic Worker communities, join/give roundtables or workshops, and join our Eurogathering. And he is trying to fundraise his travel. See attached letter for his request, and do consider contacting him and/or donating!


One of the things that came out of the evaluation last year is that we would like to organise childcare. So if you know someone who would enjoy doing this, please let us know! We’re considering paying someone to do childcare and sharing the costs, or maybe having a small group of volunteers do some moments of childcare (maybe an affinity group that would then not have to do dishes?).

Venue next year

We usually decide on a location for next year’s gathering during the gathering. But in the last few years we have had a bit of a hard time finding suitable locations. So if you already have suggestions, it can be worth looking into them a bit beforehand, so we have options to discuss.

More info

When the gathering comes closer we’ll send more info about travel logistics, what we need to bring, how we handle food, etc.But please e-mail me with any questions that you might have already (hermanvanveelen@gmail.com).

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