As Jessica Reznicek Marks Two Years, Friends Ask for Support

As climate activist Jessica Reznicek marks two years in prison, her friends and supporters are asking for people to drum up support for her. The attached letter was forwarded by Frank Cordaro of Des Moines Catholic Worker.

Hello friend of Jessica,

As of this Friday, August 11th, Jessica Reznicek will have served two years of her eight-year sentence. As Jess sits inside cinder block walls, we want to use this moment to drum up support for her and let her and all water protectors know that they are not alone and they are not forgotten for taking a bold stand against the fossil fuel industry. Jess acted out of love for the waters of this land and should never have been labeled a “domestic terrorist.”

This week, we’re asking you to post a video or photo on social media where we can all show our support for her and/or why you’re interested in this case.

You’re always welcome to riff- but feel free to use any of these prompts that resonate with you:

  • “I stand with Jessica because __”
  • “I’m interested in Jessica’s case because __”
  • “This body of water is sacred to me and I stand with Jessica Reznicek and all water protectors” (with a beloved body of water in the frame of the photo or video)
  • “Jessica being labeled a terrorist worries me because ______”
  • “If this precedent isn’t reversed _____”
  • “The climate disaster I recently survived was_____. Jessica took action to prevent this disaster, yet she is in jail and those who caused it walk free raking in record profits.”
  • “Water Protectors not Terrorists”
  • “Climate action ≠ terrorism.”

We’d love to see your posts on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook and using the the hashtags- #freejessicareznicek; #jessicareznicek and tag us on all platforms @FreeJessRez

We will be launching a clemency campaign soon and we will need all the support we can muster around her case- so help us spread the word about this injustice and the terrifying precedent for democracy of Jessica being labeled a “domestic terrorist.”

As we collectively experience wildfires, flooding, record-breaking temperatures, and the new era of “global boiling” that we are in- it’s more important than ever that we stand with those who have taken bold action against fossil fuel companies.

Visit our website to learn more about Jess’s case and also find how to write letters to Jess directly so she knows she is not forgotten as we approach this grim milestone.


Thank you all for the support and stay tuned for more ways to be involved.

In solidarity,

The Free Jessica Reznicek team

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