Anyone can start a Catholic Worker community, and there are many ways to go about it. Before you begin, you may want to browse our directory of Catholic Worker communities to see the many forms they take. Find a few that seem in line with your vision and reach out to them for advice; you may even want to visit several communities to get a more in-depth picture of how different communities handle the challenges they face.

If you haven’t already done so, you should probably also read about the history of the Catholic Worker on this website or in one of the many books written on the topic. Read the Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker, which is the closest thing to a founding document for the movement.

Finally, check out these helpful articles from seasoned Catholic Workers.

A Quick, 9-Step Overview of How to Start a Catholic Worker

As the title suggests, this is a thumbnail sketch of the steps you’ll probably want to ake to start your Catholic Worker community. (Written by Jim Allaire.)

How to Start a (Tampa-Style) Catholic Worker Community

Dorothy Day Tampa founders Mike and Ann Doyle describe how they started a thriving Catholic Worker community in Tampa, Florida, and offer practical advice to anyone thinking of doing the same.

  1. Introducing Dorothy Day Tampa