Are you starting a new Catholic Worker community? Do you need to update your existing listing? Add or update your Catholic Worker Community Directory listing at the link below. We use Google Forms to collect community listings.


  • If you haven’t submitted a listing through the form already, go ahead and submit your updated listing that way.
  • If you have previously submitted through the form, log into the form again, update your listing, then e-mail to explain exactly what needs to be updated, e.g., physical address, description, etc. We’ll reference the updated listing to get the new information.

The Catholic Worker Movement is a decentralized, Christian anarchist movement; in general, any community that identifies itself as part of the Catholic Worker tradition and embodies the Aims and Means of the movement may be listed in the directory.

If you are hoping to attract volunteers and other supporters, a good listing should be as specific as possible about who you are and what you do. What sorts of activities does your community engage in? What issues are you most focused on? Be as specific as possible…without writing a book.

The new website now accepts photos and videos. You may submit up to ten photos to accompany your listing.

Besides offering a written description of your community, you also have the option to indicate the sorts of things you do using tags. If your community is involved in an activity that isn’t listed in the tag list, add it under “Other.” We’ll either add it to the tag list or manually add it to your listing.