Although voluntary poverty is a core part of the Catholic Worker lifestyle, most Catholic Worker communities depend on donations to help keep things running. From the start, Dorothy Day didn’t hesitate to appeal to the Catholic Worker’s wider community of readers for financial help.

If you’d like to support the Catholic Worker Movement, browse the appeals below; you can also check out the Catholic Worker Community Directory. Send your donations directly to the Catholic Worker community you’re supporting. Although only accepts appeals from known Catholic Worker communities, we can’t offer any guarantees about how your donation will be used. If you have questions, reach out to the community you want to support.

St. Peter Claver CW Appeal for Sustaining Contributors

As we have worked to establish the Motels4Now program and ensure its sustainability, we have struggled to meet the monthly financial obligations of Our Lady of the Road and our Catholic Worker household. Would you please consider helping on a monthly basis and inviting others in your circle to do so? Together, we can continue practicing the works of mercy, listening for the promptings of God’s Spirit.

The Great Turning Catholic Worker: A big Thank You to all!

Thanks to all who have been reaching out in support. While we are a bit overwhelmed with donations and tasks to continue getting the house organized (and would gratefully accept your involvement if you can spare some time), an updated wish list can be found here:

A Lenten Appeal from Simone Weil Catholic Worker

This Lent, we invite you to support our work financially. We are so grateful for the support offered to our community during the Advent season, which gave us a few months of peace of mind. However, this spring, we are now once again facing a monthly shortfall. Donations, especially recurring donations of any size, are greatly appreciated!