Catholic Worker Farm (UK) Seeks Support, Advice, Prayer to Pay Off £300,000

After 17 years of service, the Catholic Worker Farm (Hertfordshire, England) is seeking help to pay off the remaining £300,000 that it owes on the farm.

The Catholic Worker Farm in England has been going strong for over 17 years. During that time we’ve looked after over 650 women and children, who have escaped human slavery, domestic violence, trafficking, war, and poverty.

We offer them accommodation, food, clothing, psychotherapy and medical care. Legal support and love!

We live on a beautiful farm 20 miles north of London. We have always been threatened with eviction by our landlord or the local council. When our landlord passed away there was an opportunity for us to buy the farm.  So we did! It was put in a Trust with a constitution which states it will always be used to serve the poor. So there is now a legacy. 

Lynsters Farm cost us £1.6 million. We have over the years manage to pay off £1.3 million.  We have been blessed with selfless benefactors. One family sold a second home and offered the proceeds. Another 2 business men gave us 300k each. We have asked many religious orders here for funds and have received their assistance.  

But we are running out of ideas and becoming desperate. I myself am an American and have felt called for many years to live along side the poor here in the UK.  

I was sent here by the US military in 1980 and while at Lakenheath Airforce base I became a Christian and a conscientious objector.  I married here and raised my kids here.  Over the years I’ve missed my Friends and family deeply. Yet myself and others were able to start The London Catholic Worker and my wife and I started The Catholic Worker Farm.  

So now after exhausting options here in the UK I felt I should reach back and seek the help of others. 

We still owe £300,000 and have to pay it back within the next 2 1/2 years. Any financial support or advice and prayer would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Much Peace

Scott and Birthe Albrecht

The Catholic Worker Farm/Mary House

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