Dixon Hopes to Return to Israel for Trial of Settler Who Attacked Her

Cassandra Dixon of Mary House of Hospitality was seriously harmed by an Israeli settler on March 7 while she and an Italian observer were in the hills outside of Hebron near a village called Tuba. On April 26, she issued the following update to CatholicWorker.org.

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Catholic Worker Seriously Injured by Israeli Settlers

Hello Friends!

Thank you so much for your care and interest in what is happening in Palestine.  I am back in the US now and am continuing to recover well from some lingering effects of a concussion.  The settler who hit me has been indicted for aggravated assault, and there is a trial currently scheduled for July that I expect to go back for if the scheduling is not changed.  It is extremely rare for Israeli settlers to face any kind of legal consequences for acts of violence, aggression, theft, harassment or any other assault on the human rights of Palestinians living on the land those settlements and outposts are attempting to expand onto, and the great majority of legal complaints brought by Palestinians are dismissed by the Israeli police and courts.  So the fact that this one may go to trial is probably due largely to the fact that I am from the US.

In the weeks since I was attacked, settlers from the illegal settlements and outposts in Masafer Yatta ( and throughout Palestine)  have assaulted multiple Palestinian shepherds, attacked and slaughtered sheep, ransacked livestock buildings and stores of feed, destroyed cultivated cops, and prevented landowners from accessing grazing land during the short and vital spring grazing season through violence and the threat of violence against shepherds.  Altogether, these acts are resulting in the theft of large tracts of Palestinian land and making life more and more impossible for families living in villages that are more and more cut off from each other.  

If you’d like to listen to an update on the situation in Masafer Yatta, my friend Ali Awad and I were interviewed on WORT radio recently; you can listen here:

And if you’d like to donate towards the cost of medical care and traveling to the trial (possibly multiple times), you can support the GoFundMe that a friend is coordinating on my behalf.

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