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Max Bodenheim

Summary: A tender remembrance of poet Max Bodenheim and his wife Ruth who were murdered. Recounts the many times her and Max’s paths crossed, his tormented and difficult life of poverty, and Max and Ruth’s coming for hospitality to the Catholic Worker. Comments on Ruth’s flirtations and unseemly newspaper accounts of their life. (The Catholic Worker, March 1954, 3, 7, 8. DDLW #663).

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French Worker Priests and the Little Brothers of de Foucauld

Summary: Discusses the differences and similarities of the Worker Priests and the Little Brothers. Explains the Church’s condemnation of some worker-priests who advocated a close a association between Marxism and Catholicism, but is distraught at the Church’s inconsistency in not condemning those priests who are closely linked to capitalism. Sees the present day scandal of the Church as an imbalance between spiritual and material works. (The Catholic Worker, March 1954, 2,4. DDLW #174).



Summary: Describes life at Maryfarm during Winter: guests, visitors, gifts of a statue of the Blessed Mother and a phonograph, and pies, furniture repair and refurbishing. Mentions books read as spiritual reading during silent meals. (DDLW #945). The Catholic Worker, Mar 1954, p. 3