On Pilgrimage (October 1963)

  Summary: On a vacation and speaking trip in Italy, she admires the enthusiasm of young students and seminarians. Remarks on the life and conversion of Bill Congdon who acted as an interpreter for one of her talks. Visits Milan, Florence, Assisi, and takes a side trip to see Padre Pio. (DDLW #808).The Catholic Worker, October 1963, 3, 6, 8.

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On Pilgrimage (July/August 1963)

Summary: Goes to Danville, Virginia, and describes the brutality of the police against demonstrators. Speaks at a spirited prayer meeting devoted to civil rights. Ties civil rights to education, jobs, health care, and averting war. Participates in picketing. Says, “We all have something to give.” Notes the death of friends. (DDLW #805). The Catholic Worker, July-August 1963, 1, 2, 7.

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On Pilgrimage (April 1963)

Summary: Complains about a litter-filled city park, wondering why the unemployed aren’t put to work to beautify it. Receives a gift of Spanish language lessons and enjoys a visit to her daughter’s family in Vermont. Eulogizes Joe Roach, a long-time resident at their farm–“Joe was another Lazarus.” (DDLW #801). The Catholic Worker, April 1963, 1, 6, 7.