Peter Maurin Farm
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Peter Maurin Farm

Summary: Explains Peter Maurin’s ideal of “agronomic universities”–communal farms founded on a philosophy of work, especially manual labor. While an ideal, farm communities often suffered from too little skill and community conflicts. Lauds the new Peter Maurin farm on Staten Island and envisions deepening one’s spiritual life in work on the land. (DDLW #923). The Catholic Worker, Oct/Nov 1979, 1, 2, 7

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On Pilgrimage – September 1979

Summary: A set of short entries from her diary, including descriptions of anti-nuclear demonstrations and the subsequent arrests of participants, the death of several friends, politics on Cuba, and a book on Catholic Worker conscientious objectors in World War II. Mentions many friends and books. (The Catholic Worker, September 1979, 4. DDLW #600).