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Still Time To Protest The Draft

Summary: Urgent appeal to protest the peace-time Conscription Bill before Congress. Asks readers to write their Congressmen noting that any delay will make for “clear and calm reasoning.” (DDLW #365).T he Catholic Worker, September 1940, 1


At the very hour we go to press there is still doubt as to the outcome of the Burke-Wadsworth Conscription Bill before Congress.

Prophets have foretold immediate passage without further delays, and are still predicting, what with the terrific pressure from above including that of the Republican presidential nominee. Yet there have been delays and still more delays. If the unorganized opposition can keep on protesting and deluge their Congressmen with letters of opposition, there is still a chance to defeat the bill. It is not too late to make your protest.

The Fish amendment does nothing to oppose conscription in principle. It just allows the voters of the country to register themselves against member of Congress who support the bill. It will make peace-time conscription an issue for individual members of Congress up this year for election.

Any delays will make for more clear and calm reasoning on this major piece of legislation which has been railroaded through to this point. It also will give time to do valuable work for the defeat of the whole measure as a matter of principle. In this blitzkrieged world, sixty days may change the whole scene. Protest now, today. It may be the last opportunity you have to speak your mind.

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