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Summary: Praises the Catholic Arts Quartrly edited by Ade Bethune and says it portrays Peter Maurin’s synthesis of Cult, Culture, and Cultivation. Urges readers to buy her books. (The Catholic Worker, October 1948, 7. DDLW #491).

The Catholic Arts Quarterly is being edited new by Ade Bethune and two of the numbers this last year have dealt with heraldry in a beautifully reproduced manuscript with illustrations. Whenever I see this script of Ade’s or Fr. Catich’s, or Graham Carey’s, I am filled with gratitude for the beauty of their writing, their presentation of their thoughts. None of them hesitate to use the typewriter, which is “an extension of the hand of man,” as Peter used to say, but when they write they do it beautifully, so that it is a joy to receive a word from them. Indeed we have a duty, an obligation to write well, to learn how to form letters, whether it is only for taking notes, making up lists, writing postals. One does not need to be a “writer” or “artist” to write well. “Whatsoever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.” If we do all to please Him, then our writing will change indeed.

The Quarterly has many an interesting article, for instance, “On the beauty of ordinary things,” which will restore and enliven the sacramental sense of things) on the four joys of work, by Graham Carey which we hope to reprint, on journalism, on tapestries, on sculpture, architecture, dramatics and so on. Those who are interested in work should subscribe. Those who love to think of Peter Maurin’s synthesis of Cult, Culture and Cultivation should see it here worked out most beautifully in this quarterly.

It is issued from Newport, 29 Thames St., where Ade has her shop, and all communications about subscriptions should be sent to Secretary, Catholic Art Association, 1601 Dixie Highway, Covington, Ky.


We are also carrying some separate advertisements in these next issues of the CW, of Catholic Worker artists, that of Wm. Gauchat who runs the Blessed Martin House of Hospitality and Our Lady of the Wayside Farm in Cleveland and Avon; and an ad of my own books. HOUSE OF HOSPITALITY is out of print, but I believe you can still obtain copies of FROM UNION SQUARE TO ROME from Preservation Press, Silver Springs, Md., and do send in your orders for ON PILGRIMAGE, a new book made up of the columns in the paper and much else besides, to be printed next month by THE CATHOLIC WORKER, for $1.50, the same price as FROM UNION SQUARE TO ROME.

We also call attention to the BOOKS sold by David Hennessy at Stotler’s Crossroads, West Virginia, of interest to Distributists and all Catholic Worker readers. Send a book for Christmas, and buy them from him!

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