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Untitled Review of Atomic Peace by Harold Goddard

Summary: Glowing appreciation of a pamphlet about spiritual forces overcoming the forces of evil in the world. (DDLW #618).The Catholic Worker, January 1951, 4.

ATOMIC PEACE by Harold Goddard (Pendle Hill Publications, Wallingford, Pa., 35 cents).

I picked up Harold Goddard’s pamphlet Atomic Peace to relax with the other day and it held me breathless. I could not move to find a pencil to mark it with, and I wanted to mark it, every page of it, to quote, to read aloud from it. It is a beautiful rich thing, packed, crammed with paragraphs to meditate on. I will have to read it again and reread it, and make it a part of me, because it makes me understand and see things I already know, feel dimly, see through a glass darkly. I started to read it because this former Swarthmore professor quotes from Chekoff, Dostoievsky, Tolstoi, Jung, Emily Dickinson, William James, and what he is writing about are those spiritual forces which will overcome the forces of evil in the world. As I read I kept thinking that the Little Flower would like this – it is her little way – she would understand and love it as I do. It is a pamphlet filled with hope, that most neglected virtue in these troubled times.

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