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Chicago Readers

Summary: Appeals for help at a new house of hospitality in Chicago. (DDLW #907).  The Catholic Worker, March 1938, p. 6

Just before leaving Chicago, I paid a visit to the new house of hospitality on 628 Blue Island where the room is so large that thirty beds can be permanently set up, and a front room permanently left as a meeting place and recreation room. Al Reser and three young transients are occupying the place right now and sleeping under their overcoats, due to lack of blankets. There is an urgent need of beds and blankets and a cooking range so that a pot of soup can be set going on the fire. There is need of paint to freshen the place up. In fact everything is needed and we beg our Chicago readers to communicate with the Taylor Street branch and bring help. Surely everyone has a blanket to spare. Surely we have enough Chicago friends to contribute the basic necessities for Christ in His poor. Please help right away, and God bless you.


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