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A Conversation about Nuclear Families & the Catholic Worker

Matt Harper of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker sent out this invitation for Catholic Workers to join a conversation about raising a family in a Catholic Worker setting. His note is reprinted below.

Dear CW community,

A large number of Workers at the Los Angeles house recently gathered to have a conversation about having a nuclear family (a “family” that includes dependent children) in a Catholic Worker setting. We recognize that a lot has been talked/written about, prayed on, dreamed of, attempted, and shared publicly

But we also know that even more has transpired privately. We are seeking your (and others’) rich array of wisdom!

No matter how you might feel connected to this issue – maybe you raised kids in a Worker, maybe you were the kid raised in the Worker, maybe you moved your family out of a Worker, maybe you never felt your having a nuclear family in the Worker would be welcome, maybe you live in a house next to a community house, maybe only some of your family identify as “Workers,” maybe you discerned not to have a family and be a Worker, maybe you are wondering if you could have a family in the Worker – ALL ARE WELCOME! 

Our dream is to have a conversation (maybe a series of conversations) to wrestle with some of the many layers that exist around the question of families and the Worker. Will you join us? 

Please take a minute to fill out this Google Form so we can get a sense of who might be interested in joining in and what you are “bringing” to this conversation. Feel free to share this with anyone whose voice you believe would be valuable in this conversation. Thanks.

Matt and the LACW

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