Strangers & Guests: An Appeal and an Invitation

Strangers and Guests Catholic Worker Farm in Maloy, Iowa, is looking for new community members.

Through the years since our arrival here in October of 1986, many people have passed through our door for hours or days, weeks or months. Some came to learn skills, some come to detach from the distractions of modern urban life, some at a crossroads in their life come to discern what their next direction should be.  

Increasingly we need help to keep things going here. To make those options available we need people ready and able to work at a number of tasks, while prayer, reading, discussion are part of the mix too. Gardening, cooking, the work with small scale goat dairy, upkeep on the house need to be taken care of as well as cottage industry of hand weaving, activism and witness and travel to keep connected with others all are important to Strangers and Guests CW. 

Catholic Worker co-founder Peter Maurin spoke of “building the new society in the shell of the old” and more recently, the New Monasticism movement is calling for “relocation to abandoned places of empire.”  The old shell of this abandoned corner of the empire is a place rife with opportunity, perhaps, for that very fact!

Let us know if you would like to spend some time in Maloy.

Betsy and Brian

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