CAIN/Grace Place (Churches Active In Northside)

CAIN/Grace Place (Churches Active In Northside)

CAIN is a neighborhood ministry that transforms lives and inspires hope by providing nutritious food, crisis assistance, resources, and compassion in a way that respects human dignity and builds a more vibrant community.

CAIN was gifted with Grace Place, a beautiful home located in College Hill that has offered shelter to women and children in the Catholic Worker tradition for nearly two decades

The Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) of Greater Cincinnati provides homeless families emergency shelter and hospitality through interfaith communities, and works with families to find and retain stable housing.

In the summer of 2016, CAIN and IHN began a collaborative effort in the use of Grace Place to provide shelter to women and children in transition from homelessness. In 2016, the partnership at Grace Place has touched the lives of our guest residents (41 moms and 93 children) and volunteers (312 volunteers from 25 Hosting Congregations).

CAIN/Grace Place (Churches Active In Northside)
c/o 4230 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati OH 45223

Phone: 513-591-2246


Website: CAIN/Grace Place

Volunteers needed:
CAIN and IHNGC are seeking volunteer groups from congregations, schools, youth groups, service clubs, businesses and other organizations looking for opportunities to serve women and children experiencing homelessness. Volunteer groups will be providing meals (dinners, breakfasts, and lunches to pack), occasional evening activities, and an overnight volunteer, if possible.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with others in the faith community offering hospitality to women and children in need. It can truly be a summer of grace for all involved.

Contact Hume Jamison at IHNGC at, or 513-471-1100, ext. 110, or contact MiMi Chamberlin at or 513-591-2246, ext. 3 to learn more or to help.

CAIN/Grace Place(Cincinnati, OH)



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