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Heard Around the CW (#2, Feb 7 2023)

Here’s a roundup of Catholic Worker news for February 7, 2023, including two CW-authored op-eds about nuclear disarmament, the closing of the Parkland Catholic Worker, and more.

Here’s a roundup of news from around the Catholic Worker.

Media of Interest

Bakhita House Profiled on Milwaukee PBS

Anne Haines, Executive Director of the St. Bakhita Catholic Worker House, was recently profiled by PBS-10thirtysix. Bakhita House serves female survivors of human trafficking.

CW Newsletters & Other Media

The Catholic Worker (New York Catholic Worker)

The January-February issue of The Catholic Worker is out:

  • “Synod Report on Role of Women” (reprinted from The Tablet)
  • Created In the Image of God (reprinted from Outreach)
  • Parole Process Is Punitive
  • Repatriate the Artifacts
  • Ferry Named for Dorothy Day
  • St. Joseph House
  • CW Gathering in Worcester
  • To the People of Ukraine (Letter of Pope Francis)
  • Book review: The Greatest Evil Is War by Chris Hedges
  • Memories of a CW Childhood
  • Big Apple Greets Migrants
  • Will Rikers Nightmare End?
  • Albert Herbert: 1933-2022
  • Marianne Goldsheider: 1932-2022
  • From the Book of Notes

The current edition of The Catholic Worker is available only in print. To subscribe or to receive a copy, email David Carl or write:

Catholic Worker
36 East First Street
New York NY 10003

Catholic Agitator (Los Angeles Catholic Worker)

The February 2023 issue of Catholic Agitator is out. Some of the articles include:

  • Catholic Justice Work In Los Angeles – by Matt Harper
  • Larry Gunsalus – R.I.P. – by Mike Wisniewski
  • The Beautiful And The Sobering – by Phoebe Lu
  • Kin-Dom Builders – by Mike Wisniewski
  • Jessica Reznicek And Ruby Montoya News
  • You Cannot Serve God And Mammon – by Shelly Douglass
  • Resistance Means Experiencing A Daily Celebration Of Life – by Helen Woodson
  • Dandelion House – by Fumi Tosu
  • A Poem From Home – by Alberto Oropeza
  • Priesthood(s) Of All Christians – by David Boyle
  • Better Know A Volunteer: Rosemary Occhiogrosso – by Megan Ramsey

The Catholic Radical (The Saints Francis & Thérèse Catholic Worker Community)

The February 2023 issue of The Catholic Radical (The Saints Francis & Thérèse Catholic Worker Community, Worcester, Massachusetts) is out. Articles include:

  • E. Pluribus Unum
  • Five Reasons Catholic Workers Should Read James Baldwin
  • Ben Salmon: Catholic Pacifist
  • Words of Wise Women
  • The Fourth Estate
  • Miracles
  • Mason Street Musings

THE COMMON GOOD (Christchurch Catholic Worker)

The Lent 2023 issue of THE COMMON GOOD is out. Articles include:

  • Ukraine: A Ceasefire Now (by Bishop William Barber II of the PoorPeople’s Campaign)
  • Editorial: A Radical Choice
  • Editorial: Lashing Out – Underbelly Politics
  • The Politics of Jesus
  • Poetry: “divine waterfall” + “On Ash Wednesday”
  • Obituaries: Jack Doherty (1950-2022) + Anne McCormack (1938 – 2022)

Coffee with Catholic Workers

Aims and Means Bonus Mini-Episode (CCW Ep 8.5): In our first mini-episode we introduce the Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker and read through the current iteration published in The Catholic Worker newspaper.

Mary Beth and Johanna Bring Personalism to Healthcare within the Catholic Worker (CCW Ep 8): In this episode, we hear from Mary Beth and Johanna from the House of Grace Catholic Worker in Philadelphia. There they help run a free medical clinic as well as provide hospitality, garden, and support the management of a health clinic in Haiti.

Community News

Catholic News Archive Makes THE CATHOLIC WORKER Available through 2021

The Catholic News Archive announced that it has made live scans of issues of The Catholic Worker newspaper from 2017 – 2021 as well as new, improved scans of issues from 1933 – 1943. You can check them out here.

Cherith Brook Catholic Worker Reaches Funding Goal

Cherith Brook Catholic Worker (Kansas City, Missouri) recently announced that it raised $190,000 to rehabilitate its building. The money will be used to address structural issues and update its storefront windows, awning, and entrance. In phase two of the remodeling project, the ceiling will be raised and new lighting installed.

Dorothy Day Tampa Founders Help Launch Breadcoin in Tampa

Dorothy Day Tampa founders Ann and Mike Doyle announced the launch of Breadcoin tokens in the Tampa area February 1. The “coins” are physical tokens distributed by nonprofit organizations and redeemable at participating restaurants and food vendors. The coins help destigmatize hunger by enabling coin holders a choice about when and where to purchase their food. Anyone interested in learning more about Breadcoin can contact Ann Doyle at (813) 541-7366 or at adoyle@breadcoin.org.


Louis DeBenedette, Lifelong Peace Activist and Friend of the Ithaca Catholic Worker

Louis DeBenedette, a lifelong peace activist and friend of the Ithaca Catholic Worker, passed away on October 22, 2022. Deployed to Vietnam, he quickly came to see the war there as contrary to his Catholic faith and told his commanding officer as much. Later, he attended an anti-war protest in New York City where he encountered a small group of veterans marching under the banner of the Viet Nam Veterans Against the War and became close friends with many in the VVAW. Read the entire obituary from the Ithaca Catholic Worker here.

Mickey Shelton, Founder of Place of Grace Catholic Worker (La Crosse, Wisconsin)

Michele (“Mickey”) Taliel Shelton Collins, founder of Place of Grace Catholic Worker in La Crosse, Wisconsin, passed away on January 21, 2023. You can read her obituary here.

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