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Peace Camp Volkel

August 4 August 10

This summer we are organizing a peace camp at Volkel Air Base from Friday afternoon 4 August to Thursday morning 10 August, with a focus on the climate and a nuclear-free world.

Climate: The fighter-bombers at Volkel emit more than 10 tons of CO2 per flight hour to practice bombing with new, even ‘better’ atomic bombs. If they are ever used, it will be catastrophic for all life on Earth. Will you join us in shouting ‘stop!’ against this madness?

Peace: There is a new generation of American atomic bombs (B61-12) for European NATO airbases like Volkel. Are you joining us to call for a nuclear-free world?

Actions: We watch daily at the main gate. On Sunday, August 6, we commemorate the victims of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. If the air raid alarm goes off on Monday, August 7, we will block the gate(s) of the base. On August 9, Nagasaki Day, we dig one or more tunnels under the fence with the intention of sitting on the runway and stopping practice for war & destruction. Training in nonviolent resistance is offered, so that each of us can feel within ourselves whether you want to participate in blocking and / or tunneling, or whether you prefer to have a supporting role: both equally important!

Camp: We are welcome in a group accommodation and at a campsite near the airbase. There are rental bikes for everyone. For our planning it is nice to know how many we are, so please register as early as possible if you want to participate: https://noelhuis.nl/peace-camp-volkel-2023/ 

People from Germany, the USA, Belgium and other countries are also welcome. Therefore, the working language is English. We count on everyone’s help with cooking & washing dishes. You can swim nearby and in the evening there is a fire. So bring swimming gear and guitar.

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