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Heard Around the CW (#3, Feb 14, 2023)

Here’s a roundup of Catholic Worker news for February 14, 2023, including a remembrance of Tom Cornell, an AgWeek report on Catholic Worker farms, and a new Catholic Worker community listing in the directory..

Here’s a roundup of news from around the Catholic Worker.

Media of Interest

Remembering Tom Cornell

Remembering Tom Cornell by Fida Meier in Plough, Feb. 11

Fida Meier, a resident of the Fox Hill  Bruderhof in Walden, New York, remembers Tom Cornell as she and others knew him. Her essay is accompanied by a number of great photos of Tom.

AgWeek Reports on CW Farms

Peter Maurin’s ‘Green Revolution’ is a longstanding reality for some Midwesterners by Noah Fish in AgWeek. Feb. 6.

The resurgence of Catholic Worker farms was the focus of a recent AgWeek article. Reporter Noah Fish interviewed Brian Terrell (Strangers and Guests Catholic Worker, Maloy, Iowa) and Sara and Paul Freid (Lake City Catholic Worker, Lake City, Minnesota).

Terrell described how Strangers and Guests was met with confusion and criticism from others in the movement when he and his wife founded it in 1986:

“When we first came here, people were saying, we’re 100 miles from any real urban area, and 30 miles from the nearest stoplight, so what kind of soup line can you have on the edge of a town with 26 people?”

Some suggested at the time they shouldn’t even call themselves Catholic Workers, which they disproved by living out the plan successfully in a community created by them. Brian and Betsy’s living comes from weaving and they also raise dairy goats, chickens and produce.

“The Catholic Worker movement was intended to be a back to the land movement basically, with the presence of the city, and that got twisted around somehow,” he said. “And I think we’re really returning to something, and I think it’s a healthy move that I’m excited about for the future, the movement being more of a rural one.”

Read the whole article here:

Martha Hennessy Speaks to Students in Hawaii

Mary Adamski: Out-of-the-ordinary mentor – Hawaii Catholic Herald by Mary Adamski in Hawaii Catholic Herald, Feb. 15

Hawaii Catholic Herald columnist Mary Adamski presents Martha Hennessy as a worthy mentor for the many young people she addressed during a recent visit to Hawaii:

Long-time peace advocate Martha Hennessy has a longer vision than jobs for our time. Her vision for our world is a place where employers, investors, governments start deleting jobs to design, build, stockpile, promote, sell weapons, particularly nuclear weapons and devices.

She’s not just a passionate veteran of anti-war activism dating back to the Vietnam War era — well yeah, she is that. She was released from federal prison recently after serving a sentence for taking her advocacy further, breaking into a Georgia naval base to post an indictment and signs against the nuclear weapons stockpile there.

The 67-year-old grandmother spoke to local groups of Catholic students and advocacy groups here in the past month.

Read the full article here:

Gallery 3 — Journey Films

CW Newsletters & Other Media

Hope Vaughn Engages in Mutual Aid in Chicago (CCW Ep 9)

The Coffee with Catholic Workers podcast focuses on mutual aid and jail support as Lydia and Theo interview Hope Vaughn of Emmaus House (Chicago). Hope also talks about her own journey to the Catholic Worker movement, beginning with her high school service experience at the Hartford Catholic Worker.

Dorothy Day Tampa

The February 2023 issue of Dorothy Day Tampa’s newsletter is out:

  • Volunteers Profile: Hyde Park Methodist Church
  • Dorothy Day Tampa Study Group
  • Partner Ministry Profile: Breadcoin Tampa

New on CatholicWorker.org

New Community Listing: Le Dorothy (Paris, France)

Le Dorothy, a Catholic Worker community in Paris, France, is now listed in the CatholicWorker.org community directory. Here’s an excerpt from their listing:

Le Dorothy is an associative ” café-atelier” created by Christians and open to all, welcoming passersby every afternoon between Tuesday and Saturday for a free coffee, a little rest in a sofa, a discussion in the garden or the daily social assistance (legal counceling, food tickets, student lessons, computer help…).

In addition to this social pillar, Le Dorothy proposes a vast range of cultural events (concerts, jams, weekly folk dance) and lectures (see => https://www.ledorothy.fr/programmation/).

Finally, the third dimension of Le Dorothy is the manual one. In the carpentry workshops (50 square meters), our unique employee (Pascal) initiates every Tuesday 20 to 30 persons to plombery, electricity or woodcraft. Every Saturday, anyone is welcome to bring a manual project to the workshop and work on it with Pascal’s advice and our equipment. Finally, more than 15 artists of all stripes (ceramists, painters, photographs, stylists, florists) rent a space in le Dorothy to work there daily.

Check out the full listing below. Welcome, Le Dorothy!

St. Martin de Porres House (Harrisburg, PA) Updates Listing

St. Martin de Porres Catholic Worker has updated its listing with new contact information, description, and a photo.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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