Lincoln Rice Explores the Good and Bad of Peter Maurin’s Philosophy (CCW Ep 16)

For this 90th anniversary episode, Theo and Lydia interview Rosalie Riegle about the origins of the Catholic Worker, the Catholic Worker’s early involvement with the labor movement, and why the contemporary Catholic Worker has turned to other issues.

In our second episode looking at labor within the Catholic Worker Movement, we speak with Lincoln Rice, a Catholic Worker with Casa Maria in Milwaukee. Lincoln recently published The Forgotten Radical Peter Maurin: Easy Essays from the Catholic Worker. (Affiliate link: CatholicWorker.org earns a 10% commission when you purchase this book from your independent bookstore via Bookshop.org.)


Coffee with Catholic Workers is a podcast by and about Catholic Workers. Every two weeks, join Lydia Wong and Theo Kayser for a conversation with some of their favorite Catholic Worker folk. Special thanks to sound engineer Chris of Bloomington, IN.

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