Free Consulting for Catholic Workers Interested in Nonprofit Development

Michael Doyle, co-founder of Dorothy Day Tampa, offers free consulting services for Catholic Worker communities interested in pursuing nonprofit status or assessing other practical aspects of their organization.

Are you being summoned to introduce Dorothy Day to your community?

It starts with your inquiry: “Is there an interest and willingness to start a House of Hospitality in my community? Your ‘seed planting’ may take on a life of its own, like Dorothy Day Tampa.

Dorothy Day Tampa responds to a world in desperate need of healers and peacemakers, channels of God’s grace by any name. How might you join in that work in the year ahead?

Questions? Please call Michael Doyle at: (813) 466-9166

Begin Anywhere. With 17 years of experience in nonprofit development and management, including the founding of two nonprofit organizations and helping launch a third ministry in 2022 (making mistakes along the way), I would welcome the opportunity to guide your community through the practical aspects of exploring a fit —a willingness and interest—to form a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality in your area. Also, advising existing Dorothy Day ministries to assess their operational and financial health—all at no cost to you. Why? So that all Dorothy Day House of Hospitality flourish.

– Michael Doyle – co-founder Dorothy Day Tampa

Editor’s note: Dorothy Day staunchly opposed tax-exempt status for the Catholic Worker (see “We Go On Record: CW Refuses Tax Exemption“) on the grounds that the works of mercy should be performed on a personal level, at a personal sacrifice. Even so, many Catholic Worker communities do seek tax-exempt status for one reason or another. In keeping with the CW’s decentralized approach, we’re posting this generous offer for those communities that might make good use of Michael’s expertise, whether in the context of tax-exempt status or not.

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