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Day After Day (July/August 1942)

Summary: Updates about Odell Waller’s execution, the plight of Japanese-Americans in detention camps, the release of Panchelly, Woodworth, and Brown from Trenton Penetentiary, and the doings of various Catholic Workers such as Ossie Bondy, Peter Maurin, and Ade Bethune. Recounts her brushes with the FBI inquiring about conscientious objectors and the Office of Censorship, and shares her concern that the military has occupied land belonging to Catholic institutions. Gives the schedule of retreats, a description of Mott Street in oppresive Summer heat and various infestations, and an expression of gratitude to Nina Polcyn (Milwaukee) and Justine L’Esperance (Detroit) for their help. (DDLW #384). The Catholic Worker, July/August 1942, 1, 4.