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On Pilgrimage (June 1969)

Summary: Detailed account of the strike of the United Farm Workers in California (Coachella Valley, Delano) led by Cesar Chavez and her visit to the West Coast. Reports on the strike movement and details the current strike climate and actions being taken. The strikers demands are explained and she calls on the readership to support the strikers in their fight. Keywords: non-violence, grape boycott (DDLW #899). The Catholic Worker, June 1969, pp. 1,5,7

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Strike Leader

Summary: Details the efforts of the farm workers to unionize and the grape boycott. Compares Cesar Chavez to other non-violent leaders and says they are the word made flesh. Digresses about hospitality as following “Him who came not to be served but to serve.” (DDLW #892). The Catholic Worker, January 1969, pp. 1,7



On Pilgrimage (February 1968)

Summary: Resists the “January doldrums” and writes about the continuing struggle of California farm workers. Tells of her visit to Sicily and England, giving details of the plane flights and her reasons for preferring planes over buses and ships. Praises the work of mercy of a disabled man. Keyword: nonviolence (DDLW #862). The Catholic Worker, February 1968, 2, 8.


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On Pilgrimage (May 1966)

Summary: Recalls Peter Maurin’s philosophy of poverty and of work on this May Day issue of the paper. Grouses about old cars. Admires the Bill and Dorothy Gauchet’s hospitality to disabled and unwanted children. Laments the evils of the war in Vietnam. Praises the radical social critique of Saul Alinsky. Participates in a conference on nonviolence. Praises Cesar Chavez and the updates readers on the farm workers’ strike. (DDLW #839). The Catholic Worker, May 1966, 2, 6, 8.


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The Organizer

Summary: A chronicle of the life of Cesar Chavez and his organizing work with the National Farm Workers Association. Admires his commitment to nonviolence, religious and moral values, and “hope and faith animated by love.” Says he is a man of vision and experience. Notes the CW’s long-time coverage of agricultural worker struggles. (DDLW #831). The Catholic Worker, February 1966, 1, 6.

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On Pilgrimage (October 1955)

Summary: Anticipates the ordeal of her and others’ appearance in court for disobeying the Civil Defense Act. They plead guilty. Visits migrant workers in southern Minnesota and describes their hard life. Praises the work of women for donations to the stricken of the world. Lauds the factory work in Chicago of the Little Sisters of Charles de Foucauld. (DDLW #929). The Catholic Worker, Oct 1955, p. 3

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Disgraceful Plight Of Migrant Workers On California Farms

Summary: Witnesses the struggles of migrant farm workers in the San Joachin Valley of California and the class war with the big business interests of the Associated Farmers. Is ambivalent about government help for the workers, preferring cooperatives and personal responsibility to corporation farming and birth control clinics for the rural proletariat. (DDLW #357). The Catholic Worker, May 1940, 1, 2.