An Introduction to The Eleventh Virgin: An Autobiographical “Novel”

An Introduction to The Eleventh Virgin by Paul Bowers. Paul Bowers lives with his wife and daughter on a ten-acre farm in Ringwood, Oklahoma. He earned a B.A. from The University of Tulsa, M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Oklahoma State University. He currently teaches writing and literature at Northern Oklahoma College in Enid, and serves as the Coordinator for Academic Service Learning.

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No Continuing City

Summary: In a fiction-like style, tells a story of Mary Blount, a wife and working-class mother who goes to the city hospital clinic for a prenatal checkup. She begins the day joyfully, but ends experiencing indignity and cruelty from the nurses who fail to listen to her and understand her need for modesty. (DDLW #936: The Catholic Worker, Nov 1933, p. 5).

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The Eleventh Virgin: Table of Contents

Summary: Autobiographical novel of her preconversion years. Begins with family relationships, with emphasis on her mother. Proceeds through her radical years with the pacifist, birth control, socialist and suffrage movements, and ends with her abortion and break up with Lionel Moise (Dick Wemys). William Miller’s biography on D. Day gives the real names of the characters. New York Times reviewed the book as just one more adolescent novel,” and D. Day latter called it a bad book. (DDLW #1: New York: Albert and Charles Boni, 1924).