Peter Maurin Farm
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Peter Maurin Farm

Summary: Explains Peter Maurin’s ideal of “agronomic universities”–communal farms founded on a philosophy of work, especially manual labor. While an ideal, farm communities often suffered from too little skill and community conflicts. Lauds the new Peter Maurin farm on Staten Island and envisions deepening one’s spiritual life in work on the land. (DDLW #923). The Catholic Worker, Oct/Nov 1979, 1, 2, 7


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Spring Appeal (April 1958)

Summary: Appeals for money, telling how they often pay poor people’s rent. Mentions the saints of the week and reminds us we are called to be saints– “to be a lover, ready to leave all, to give all.” We progress on this path by beginning over again each day. (DDLW #738: The Catholic Worker, April 1958, page 2.)