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On Pilgrimage (October/November 1973)

Summary: Rumination on the recent deaths of three loved ones: Jenny Moore, W.H. Auden and Franklin Spier, Day’s brother-in-law. How each touched and influenced her emotional and intellectual development. In thinking about death, also ponders Heaven and the importance of the Transfiguration. (DDLW #534). The Catholic Worker, October-November 1973, 1, 8.


On Pilgrimage (May 1969)

Summary: Reflects on the abilities of a woman to press on with the “business of living” even as life is mixed with joys and anguish. Details coming speakers at their Friday night meetings. Shares stories of time with her daughter and grandchildren in Vermont, what each is doing with their lives. Remembers two dear friends, Marie Langlots and Fred Lindsey, who have recently died. Key words: Peter Maurin, obituary, Tamar. (DDLW #898). The Catholic Worker, May 1969, pp. 2,8

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Thomas Merton, Trappist 1915-1968

Summary: Upon learning of Thomas Merton’s sudden death, she quotes a letter from him refuting the suggestion he was leaving monastic life. In the quotes, Merton clarifies his role in the peace movement and gives a Christmas message of hope at a time when we need courage. (DDLW #901). The Catholic Worker, December 1968, pp. 1,6


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Michael Gold

Summary: A remembrance of her long and deep friendship with Mike Gold upon hearing of his death. Recounts their shared zeal for revolution in the 1910s, his anguish over the draft, and his support during the time of her conversion in the 1920s. Notes their differences over the use of violence, she a pacifist. Keywords: obituary (DDLW #853). The Catholic Worker, June 1967, 2, 8.

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Joe Cotter Dies

Summary: An obituary for Joe Cotter, a long-time guest at Catholic Worker farms. Appreciates his hard work, compassion, live of beauty, poverty, and suffering. “Pray for us, Joe, that we may, as you did, ‘take up the cross, deny ourselves daily, to follow Him, Jesus.’” (DDLW #842). The Catholic Worker, July-August 1966, 6.