Spring Appeal (March 1968)

Summary: Asks for aid describing their crowded tenement, and notes the coming and going of the young as well as the needs of older long-term guests. Looks for signs of spring after a hard winter. In spite of poverty she admits how acquisitive they can be for books, time, and loving kindness. (DDLW #864). The Catholic Worker, March 1968, 2.


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Poverty and Destitution

*Summary: Through graphic stories of guests at the Worker she distinguishes between poverty (“the poor have some hope.) and destitution (”The destitute are ill and lonely, the hopeless ones.“) Also distinguishes poverty, voluntary poverty, and holy poverty. Keywords: anarchism, pacifist (DDLW #838).*The Catholic Worker, April 1966, 5, 8.

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On Pilgrimage (January 1965)

Summary: Spends four joyful months caring for her grandchildren while her daughter Tamar attends practical nursing school. Describes the struggle against the cold at their women’s house of hospitality and challenging discussions about whether they are doing what they advocate (cult, culture, cultivation). Long quote from Gandhi on voluntary poverty. (DDLW #821). The Catholic Worker, January 1965, 1, 2, 6, 8.

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Fall Appeal (October/November 1977)

Summary: A yearly appeal for funds from readers. Discusses the poverty of the Catholic Worker and the purpose of that poverty in relation to Christ. Links the appeal for funds to the begging of St. Francis and the giving of funds to our love of God. Keywords: folly of the cross (DDLW #581). The Catholic Worker, October-November 1977, 2.

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Reflections During Advent, Week Two: The Meaning of Poverty

Summary: Gives examples of false voluntary poverty and refutes the notion that real poverty doesn’t exist. Challenges everyone to a personal response, not a government one, to poverty and to ask ourselves “What shall we do?” Gives examples and concludes that all can do something and that whatever work of mercy we perform we “do it for love of Jesus, in His humanity, for love of our brother, for love of our enemy.” Points to the scandal of the wealth of the Church and thanks God for the sacraments and the Word in the Scriptures–our light and our food. (DDLW #560). Ave Maria, December 3, 1966, pp.21-22, 29.