On Pilgrimage (June 1968)

Summary: A series of diary-like entries describing protests in New York regarding peace, race, and the closing of Sydenham Hospital. Interspersed are events of friends, including the confirmation of Peggy Baird and a wedding at the farm. Reports on plans for the summer, including a speaking engagement at the Pax conference and attendance at the Poor People’s Campaign protests in Washington, DC. (DDLW #865). The Catholic Worker, June 1968, 1, 2.

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Where Are the Poor? They Are In Prisons, Too

Summary: A graphic description of how she and 29 others were treated by the police, jailers, and courts after arrest for protesting air raid drills against nuclear attack. Gives a reason for the protest and decries the inhuman aspects of their treatment–crowding, lack of food, waiting. Notes: “What a neglected work of mercy, visiting the prisoner.” (DDLW #241). The Catholic Worker, July-August 1955, 1,8.