Fall Appeal (October/November 1978)

Summary: Decries money spent on armaments that should beffor care of the poor. Appeals “for loaves and fishes, or money to buy them.” Reaffirms Holy Poverty for themselves in solidarity with the poor they serve. Receiving no salary, some workers take part-time jobs to support themselves. (DDLW #592).The Catholic Worker, October-November 1978, 2.

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What Do The Simple Folk Do?

Summary: Tries to answer the question ” How can we believe in a Transcendent God when the Immanent God seems so powerless within time, when demonic forces seem to be let loose?” Points to examples of transcendence in human experience: hope for happiness in intentional communities and love of neighbor, the word of God, miracles, bearing the suffering of others, martyrdom, and delight in loving God. (DDLW #587) The Catholic Worker, May 1978, 5, 8.

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On Pilgrimage – February 1978

Summary: Series of diary notes from early winter 1978. Recalls visitors from Australia and bad weather in New York. Discusses her current reading including re-reading Anna Karenina. Discusses suicide with a priest. Other readings and thoughts revolve around her college friend Rayna Prohme, the Chinese Revolution, the music of Wagner, and Masses at St. Joseph’s House. (The Catholic Worker, February 1978, 2, 5.  DDLW #584).