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No On Pilgrimage

Summary: Brief notice that her column will be missing while she works on a new book. Slips in an emergency appeal. (DDLW #790). The Catholic Worker, February 1962, 6.

I am working for the next three months on my new book, for Harper’s, which will emphasize Peter Maurin and the work which resulted from his ideas and which will tell of the people who worked with him, the houses of hospitality around the United States, and the attempts at farming communes, also accounts of those associated with the work, who have helped in the work, priests and laymen. There will be no On Pilgrimage column for the next few issues, perhaps even until Fall.

There is a good staff to get out the paper, and Jim Forest will be responsible for that. There are plenty to answer letters, Judith Gregory, Charles Butterworth, Walter Kerrell, Ed Forand and inquiries can be addressed to them. Joe Motyka fills orders and takes care of new subscribers. Charles Butterworth and Ed Forand take care of the funds, such as they are. Right now they are nil, since we are in the mid-winter doldrums and the next appeal will not come out until the end of March or the first of April. But our eyes turn to Thee, O Lord, and “Thou givest them food in due season. Thou openest Thy hand and with benevolence fillest every living thing.” There is also the matter of the rents, over a thousand dollars a month for the apartments, ten of them, and the house on Chrystie Street. We are begging our patron St. Joseph to remind our Lord of that. And remind you, too.

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