An Introduction to The Eleventh Virgin: An Autobiographical “Novel”

An Introduction to The Eleventh Virgin by Paul Bowers. Paul Bowers lives with his wife and daughter on a ten-acre farm in Ringwood, Oklahoma. He earned a B.A. from The University of Tulsa, M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Oklahoma State University. He currently teaches writing and literature at Northern Oklahoma College in Enid, and serves as the Coordinator for Academic Service Learning.

Peter Maurin: To Bring the Social Order To Christ

Peter Maurin: To Bring the Social Order To Christ

For some time, Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day, along with the Catholic Worker movement they founded, have been thought by many to exemplify the prophetic voice in the twentieth century. However, the Catholic Worker movement is not without critics. Does a small movement, founded in the Depression, emphasizing personalism and the land, hold any hope for the massive social reconstruction necessary in an urban-bureaucrat age? An essay by Marc Ellis excerpted from Revolution of the Heart.

On Pilgrimage – April 1949

Summary: Upset over the labor conflict between the Archdiocese of New York with its striking cemetery workers, she insists on only non-violent techniques and calls for love to overcome bitterness and resentment. Says Peter Maurin wanted to overcome divisions between clergy and laity. Notes her new book On Pilgrimage* “is selling slowly and steadily.” (The Catholic Worker, April 1949, 1, 2. DDLW #493).*

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On Pilgrimage – January 1949

Summary: Contrasts the attitudes of two religious sisters, one impatient and despairing, the other accepting and happy. Noting the fervent love of the early Christians she asks for more generous servants of the poor and sets it as a new year ideal for herself. Appalled at a news report planning for a man-made space satellite for weapons. (The Catholic Worker, January 1949, 1, 2. DDLW #492).

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Summary: Praises the Catholic Arts Quartrly edited by Ade Bethune and says it portrays Peter Maurin’s synthesis of Cult, Culture, and Cultivation. Urges readers to buy her books. (The Catholic Worker, October 1948, 7. DDLW #491).

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On Pilgrimage – June 1948

Summary: Reports on the planting and variety of produce on the farm at Newburgh, NY, and the repair of two serviceable cars. Describes the plans for turning the barn into a dormitory for mothers and children who are on retreat. In the city, an unexpected death of a neighbor and bouts of measles and chickenpox among the children. (The Catholic Worker, June 1948, 1, 2, 7. DDLW #263).