Beatitude House

Beatitude House

Guadalupe is a small town on California's Central Coast with a high population of immigrants and farmworkers. Beatitude House is a community of volunteers from various backgrounds, all committed to serving Guadalupe's low-income residents. Beatitude House's current programs for direct service include: food, clothing and furniture distribution; medical clinic; medical and social service advocacy; and a summer day camp for kids. In line with the Catholic Worker philosophy of not merely serving the poor but also resisting war and other social injustices that perpetuate poverty, Beatitude House conducts regular vigils and civil disobedience at Vandenburg Air Force Base.

General contact: Jorge Manly Gil

Beatitude House
Guadalupe Catholic Worker
267 Campodonico Ave
Guadalupe CA 93434

Phone: 805-343-6322
Fax: 805 343 1093


Publication: Beatitude House Newsletter


Consider contacting the Beatitude House to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.



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