Isaiah House – Orange County Catholic Worker

Isaiah House – Orange County Catholic Worker

We are four Catholic Workers, hundreds of guests and countless volunteers. We have been brought together in an attempt to discover, "who Jesus is" through action and prayer.

We have no program except to care for our brothers and sisters as we would care for Christ. We seek to offer sustenance for the body, but also for the heart and soul. We reach out to those who are forgotten and alone, hoping to offer healing through friendship and commitment. We try to help one another to be living signs of Christ's love by doing the corporal works of mercy at a personal sacrifice.

We do our work as a gift, and share the gifts we receive directly with the poor. We offer good food, over 3000 meals each week. We offer our home as a place where all can be transformed by serving those in need. We offer an open door to those most at risk on the streets. We offer clothes and other necessities to those facing homelessness.

Isaiah House - Orange County Catholic Worker
316 Cypress
Santa Ana CA 92701

Phone: 714-835-6304


Website: Isaiah House - Orange County Catholic Worker

Publication: Call to Faithfulness

Hospitality; meals 7 days a week; liturgy; prayer at local jails.

(714) 835-6304 message
(714) 558-7478 kitchen

Consider contacting the Isaiah House - Orange County Catholic Worker to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.



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—Peter Maurin

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