St Francis of Assisi Catholic Worker

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Worker

We are looking for a new male member to serve in our Catholic Worker houses. We are a community consisting of three houses. The third house is currently providing shelter for an immigrant family for the next year. We provide food and shelter for the male poor and homeless population of Waterloo. All applicants need to have a working knowledge of the Catholic Worker principles and be willing to live in voluntary poverty. Room and board and a monthly stipend are provided. A desire to build a sense of community with other staff members is very important. We can be contacted by phone 1-319-236-6532 (preferred) or email with a subject “Catholic Worker inquiry.

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Worker
PO Box 1533
Waterloo IA 50704

Phone: 319-232-2116

Facebook: St Francis of Assisi Catholic Worker

Publication: St. Francis Worker



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