St. Marcellus Catholic Worker Houses for Homeless

St. Marcellus Catholic Worker Houses for Homeless

Our founder and resident director is 63 and has known of the Catholic Worker Movement since 1977 and has always hoped to buy a House to use as a CW House. He was finally been able to buy our first and only house so far, this St. Isidore CW Cottage, which is now full to capacity with two formerly homeless vets and two other formerly homeless men, and Tom. The House pays its expenses with Tom's Pension and, so far, with spot labor and donations. While we are open to persons of all faiths and no-faith, both to serve and to be helped, our inspiration and community prayer-life is Catholic. Our Catholic Diocese has gifted us the funds to be registered as a non-profit, so that the VA might stipend us a per-diem for every Vet to whom we provide a home in the CW tradition. Much of that per-diem we hope to use to subsidize wages to our residents to be employee-member-owners of our affiliated, for-profit workshop: Vets'-Green-Energy-Co-Ops, to install and maintain de-centralized heating, cooling, and electricity co-generating capacity at our and other CW Houses, and at FBC's (Faith-Based Communities) around the country.

St. Marcellus Catholic Worker Houses for Homeless
PO Box 75
Kane IL 62054-0075

Phone: 1-217-942-9730


Website: St. Marcellus Catholic Worker Houses


Volunteers needed:
We seek distance-volunteers to open their homes to homeless vets -- of which there are 400,000 at any given time -- in revocable or irrevocable living trusts -- under our umbrella. Also, to help us compile contact information for FBCs in your part of the country, or at least, to order and to forward to us the current phone books from one or more cities in your State, so that we may compile such lists, to promote not only the St.MCW charism, but also the whole CW life-style, as well as de-centralized energy production and use, in the tradition of Peter Maurin's farming communes and workshops with Houses of Hospitality

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