The Vancouver Catholic Worker – Samaritan House

The Vancouver Catholic Worker – Samaritan House

We have room in the house for up to a maximum (generally) of 6 adults. 5 is the optimal level for the good mental health of everyone. Sarah and Vikki live there permanently, the rest of the beds are taken up by long term ‘guests’ who really are community members working on their direction in life, and short term guests who sometimes become long term guests, and sometimes not. Plus Sheba (the cat). The only rules are no alcohol, no drugs, and respectful behaviour toward yourself and your housemates.

We own the house; pay the mortgage and all other associated bills, taxes, utilities etc. Almost 100% of our money comes from our personal incomes.

The Vancouver Catholic Worker - Samaritan House
1143 E Pender St
Vancouver BC
V6A 1W6

Phone: 604-349-5027


Website: Vancouver Catholic Worker



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“We must make the kind of society where it is easier for people to be good.”

—Peter Maurin

“God meant for things to be much easier than we have made them.”

—Dorothy day