Bread and Roses Catholic Worker

Bread and Roses Catholic Worker

"Bread and Roses" (Brot & Rosen") was founded in 1994 by German volunteers returning from experience in US-Communities such as the CW, the Open Door Community (Atlanta), Jubilee Partners (Comer, GA), and CCNV (Washington, DC). The base community lives in a house of hospitality since 1996. Guests are mostly refugees and migrants, many of them without papers. Members live in community and share income, have a daily common prayer and try to educate on justice and refugee issues. They are committed to nonviolent civil disobedience on different issues around atomic weapons, atomic waste and other issues. Every Good Friday they organize a "Stations of the Cross for the Rights of Refugees" and on Memorial Day ("Volkstrauertag") a "Requiem" to remember those who die on their flight to Europe and around the world.

Bread and Roses - Base community
Fabriciusstr. 56
22177 Hamburg

Phone: 49-(0)40-69 70 20 85

Bread and Roses - Base community

Publication: Brot und Rosen



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