Kana Soupkitchen Dortmund

Kana Soupkitchen Dortmund

Kana is a Christian community of women and men who are concerned about the growing injustice and poverty in our society, especially about the plight of the homeless.

In 1991 we started to give out soup on the streets once a week. Two years later, in June 1993, we were able to open the Kana soup kitchen in the Dortmund "Nordstadt", the northern part of the inner city with high unemployment and much poverty. In 2001 we moved to a bigger venue, where we now serve meals five times a week to sometimes more than 300 guests.

The soup kitchen has become the centre of our life as a community. Here we gather for work, meetings, discussion, and worship. Over the years we have extended our activities - we also have a depot of sleeping bags and blankets for folks who are sleeping outside, we are initiating and joining actions for peace and justice causes, we are facilitating a meeting of soup kitchens and similar groups from the federal state of North-Rhine-Westphalia twice a year.

As a community we feel that we belong to a worldwide network of ecumenical communities concerned about peace, justice and the integrity of creation. The greatest influence on Kana comes from the Catholic Worker movement in the United States.

Kana Soupkitchen Dortmund
Mallinckrodtstr 114
D-44145 Dortmund

Email: info@kana-suppenkueche.de

Website: Kana Gemeinshaft



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—Peter Maurin

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