Mercy House

Mercy House

Mercy House is a Ann Arbor resident's home that has opened its doors to the homeless. The home is a refuge during the day for Washtenaw County residents who need shelter from the winter weather, as well as companionship, warm meals and use of amenities. In the tradition of the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality, this residency seeks to bless others by providing shower facilities, washer and dryer, and even emergency housing.

We are the residents of Mercy House, an intentional community creating a House of Hospitality, in the traditions of Dorothy Day and Jane Addams. In forming this community, we dedicate ourselves to fostering relationships of kindness, gentleness, generosity and mercy among ourselves, and to supporting and encouraging each other in works of mercy.

As a community, we dedicate ourselves to daily works of mercy in all their  manifestations--words and actions by which we care for others. Traditionally, works of mercy include comforting, consoling, forgiving, bearing wrongs patiently, instructing and advising. Such works also include feeding the hungry, visiting the sick and  imprisoned, clothing those in need and welcoming strangers.

To these, we add all works of justice, such as befriending the lonely, listening with an open heart, community organizing, sheltering the homeless, solidarity with vulnerable, marginalized and disempowered people, and advocacy on behalf of the poor, the stigmatized, the mentally ill and the addicted. As a chief witness of charity and a preeminent work of justice, we include peace building.

Supported and encouraged by our community, we aspire and dedicate ourselves to extending mercy and hospitality to our entire world, particularly the homeless, the abandoned, the ostracized and the most poor and lonely. In forming this community, we hope that our care and compassion for each other overflows to those who most need it. We desire to make it easier for all people to be merciful and to do good to others.

Mercy House
805 W Huron St
Ann Arbor MI 48103

Website: Mercy House Home Page

Consider contacting the Mercy House to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.



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“We must make the kind of society where it is easier for people to be good.”

—Peter Maurin

“God meant for things to be much easier than we have made them.”

—Dorothy day