Hildegard House Catholic Worker

Hildegard House Catholic Worker

OUR MISSION: In the spirit of the Catholic Worker Movement, the Hildegard House practices the works of mercy and the works of justice giving preferential option to those most vulnerable to exploitation.

The Hildegard House lives out this mission by offering hospitality and by working in coalition with grassroots groups and organizations that offer safety and basic needs to encourage and support empowerment to live up to one's full potential.

The Hildegard House actively works for the common good by undoing the structures that protect and allow for the exploitation and commodification of living beings. We remain grounded in a faith tradition that calls us to recognize and respect the God-given dignity of all peoples and to recognize and respect our interconnection with all of creation.

We are a small Catholic Worker house offering short-term hospitality for women who are fleeing from sexual exploitation en route to a long-term recovery program and long-term hospitality for asylum seekers in need of sponsorship. We are committed to comforting the afflicted and equally as important, afflicting the comfortable. We actively participate in the regional Catholic Worker retreats, in non-violent resistance, and we ally with local grassroots groups that resist exploitation and work for peace and justice. We strive to deepen our faith and nurture our spirituality individually and collectively. We put out a free newsletter 2ce each year. If you would like a copy, please send us your postal address.

Hildegard House Catholic Worker
617 N 8th Ave E
Duluth MN 55805

Phone: 218 722-2231

Email: hildegardhouseduluthcw@gmail.com

Website: Hildegard House CatholicWorker

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We are inviting catholic workers (men and women) to live at Hildegard House to be a welcoming presence for those who have experienced trafficking and exploitation that are living or dropping in at our house as well as engage with grassroots groups in our area that are working to end exploitation and empowering and encouraging those who are marginalized. We work in and with a diverse cultural, economic, and spiritual coalition and have accepted the invitation to become allies and accomplices under others leadership acting in community and solidarity. We do extensive urban gardening during our growing season. We are actively engaged with the local water protectors. We are strongly rooted in faith and we act out of our commitment to the principles and tenets of the Catholic Worker Movement for which we look to the Aims and Means for guidance.

We would prefer, if possible, that you visit our community first before making any kind of commitment. If it feels like a good fit, we can work out a longer commitment and take it from there. Room and board is free . We encourage volunteers to pursue part-time employment and other personal interests. Our house is located in a residential neighborhood, is close to the downtown area, and public transportation is easily accessible.

If interested, contact Michele Naar-Obed, (218) 722-2231, or email; hildegardhouseduluthcw@gmail.com, or message us through facebook; Hildegard House Catholic Worker.

Consider contacting Hildegard House Catholic Worker to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.



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