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Loaves and Fishes Community

Loaves and Fishes Community began in 1989 when Angie Miller and the late Steve O'Neil opened their family home to Central American refugees en route to Canada. Over the years we have grown into four houses within a few blocks of each other, two of which provide family-style hospitality to people experiencing homelessness, one which offers foster care to children, and a fourth which serves the needs of community and some long-term hospitality. We are also partnering with a medical service provider and a church to soon open a medical respite shelter. We are rooted in the Catholic Worker, with strong influence from community organizing and labor struggles. We engage in anti-racism and housing organizing; grow two city lots of gardens; help facilitate countywide anti-homelessness efforts, and run a no-cost bike shop which sends our 150-200 bicycles every year on a work trade system.

Loaves and Fishes Community
Dorothy Day House
1712 Jefferson St
Duluth MN 55812

Phone: 218-724-2054

Email: duluthcatholicworker@gmail.com

Loaves and Fishes Catholic Worker Homepage

Publication: Loaves and Fishes Newsletter

Volunteers needed:
Loaves and Fishes Community is seeking 1-2 new members to participate in community life with us. We are especially seeking of male-identified people to help run our men’s hospitality house, but we are open to people all genders.

There are currently ten adults and in our core community. The grown ups range from our 20s to our 70s, including single people and couples of all orientations. Our community is ecumenical and largely secular in function, though we do make time for community reflection and voluntary opportunities for prayer. We value community health, and are mindful about creating time together for connection and joy.

Long-term volunteers are responsible for personal expenses beyond room and board, and are encouraged to find part time employment or school (no more than 20 hours per week). .

Duluth has a thriving arts and music culture and tends blue-collar Left in politics. Our community is in a residential neighborhood but close to parks and less than three blocks from Lake Superior. It's very green here in the summer, and snowy and quite cold in the winter,

For more information, contact us at duluthcatholicworker@gmail.com or 218-724-2054.



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