Dorothy Day Hospitality House

Dorothy Day Hospitality House

The Dorothy Day Hospitality House in Rochester, Minn. began in 1984. We have helped thousands of guests who had found themselves in crisis and in need of the basic essentials of food, clothing, and shelter.

​We, the donors and volunteers of the Dorothy Day Hospitality House, embrace the principles of dignity, self-respect, and a positive appreciation of life. Like Dorothy Day herself, we value humans, both individually and collectively. We endeavor to meet each Guest's need for survival and personal development, while always respecting the guest's right to privacy.

We believe we are responsible for one another and come together as a hopeful people out of various faiths, ministries, and occupations to provide a sense of community and caring. It is of utmost importance for our guests and our volunteers to create and share a nurturing, pleasant environment.

Our funding, also as in keeping with the philosophy of Dorothy Day, is entirely made up of private donations. Our volunteers receive no payment other than the priceless gift of being able to help out during a guest's time of need.

Dorothy Day Hospitality House
703 1st St SW
Rochester MN 55902

Phone: 507-282-5172

Publication: Dorothy Day Hospitality House

Consider contacting the Dorothy Day Hospitality House to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.



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“We must make the kind of society where it is easier for people to be good.”

—Peter Maurin

“God meant for things to be much easier than we have made them.”

—Dorothy day