St Joseph’s House of Hospitality

St Joseph’s House of Hospitality

At St. Joseph's House of Hospitality, the sources of our spirit and the direction are the teachings of Jesus and the founding work of Dorothy Day. Since 1941, we have been an independent, non-profit organization, sustained by the donations and financial contribution of individuals and groups. We accept no funds from the government. We are rooted in the belief that through God we are provided with our daily needs.

Consistent with the philosophy of the Catholic Worker Movement, we share our hope for a "new society," a new way of being with one another. People who come to this house are "guests," ambassadors of God. We attempt to form the community through commitment to the following:

  • Acceptance of the personal
  • Obligation of attending to the needs of our brothers and sisters
  • A daily practice of the works of mercy - feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, visiting the imprisoned, comforting the sorrowful
  • The practice of non-violent witness for peace and justice.

St Joseph's House of Hospitality
402 South Ave
PO Box 31049
Rochester NY 14603

Phone: 585-232-3262


Website: St Joseph's House of Hospitality

Publication: Rochester Catholic Worker

Volunteers needed:
Our Catholic Worker House of Hospitality serves a hot meal daily for about 100 people. We provide hospitality year round and winter emergency shelter. Room, board, and a stipend may be available for catholic workers. If interested, call (585) 232 - 3262.



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“We must make the kind of society where it is easier for people to be good.”

—Peter Maurin

“God meant for things to be much easier than we have made them.”

—Dorothy day