Dayton Catholic Worker Movement

Dayton Catholic Worker Movement

Established in 2005, the Dayton Catholic Worker Movement provides a house of hospitality, located in a poor inner-city neighborhood, for homeless men in recovery from addictions. About half our guests are felon re-entry and the other half have a co-dependent mental illness. Over 80% of our guests have achieved sustainable faith – measured as one year of continuous abstinence from drugs and alcohol. It’s love that cures addictions.

We are looking for retired individuals who are interested in volunteering and living in the community. We ask for a 1-year commitment. The two Catholic Workers are voluntarily poor, rent, take the bus, bicycle, wear second-hand clothes, shop online, cook for ourselves and share community expenses. We do get some donations, but not sufficient to fully fund beds, feed, clothe and transport our homeless guests. Our SSA retirement incomes, with a little bit of help from local benefactors, have floated the boat for 15 years. We participate in the nonviolent protest of war at the gates of Wright Patterson Airforce Base, Dayton International Peace Museum and diocesean social justice events. Our rule is that we can not live beyond the means of the least among us.

Commounity Based Services
Financial Services - providing small business bookkeeping, eBay auction, income tax preparation and SSA Representative Payee services for a modest fee to those who can afford and for free to the poor.

Catholic Internet Television Network (CITVN) - producing, in partnership with Geneva-based Globethics Network, YouTube quality university documentary and webcast academic lectures - focused through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching – distributed to 195,000 higher education professionals located in 76 countries and 43,000 thought leaders located in 16,000 Catholic parishes and 196 Catholic universities. We host InTheRooms online video 12 Step meetings for 539,000 members. Productions are funded by underwriters who are personally involved with our community. We do not solicit government, corporate or foundation grants in keeping with the Catholic Worker Movement philosophy of personalism. We pray for our benefactors' special intentions every day.

Dayton Catholic Worker Movement
100 Huffman Avenue, Ste. 305
Dayton, Ohio 45403

Phone: (937) 938-5784


Website: Dayton Catholic Worker Movement




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