Nashville Greenlands

Nashville Greenlands

We are a non-sectarian community, not based in prayer or religious doctrine, affiliated with the Catholic Worker movement through many years of personal association, and a deeply shared ethical and social vision. Our common purpose is to explore and demonstrate an ecologically sustainable way of life within a city, based on agricultural use of yards and open land, and a simple common life, to minimize our consumption of world resources. We also practice radical direct action for justice and peace and use our houses and land for education about peacemaking and the nonviolent way of life we seek to develop.

We have a network of seven houses in an inner-city Nashville neighborhood, with about an acre and a half of land, and housing for two dozen residents. Each household is autonomous. We welcome visits and inquiries from people interested in our ideas and practice, and occasionally have openings for like-minded people interested in joining us as residents.

Nashville Greenlands
2407 Heiman St
Nashville TN 37208-2415

Phone: 615-322-9523
Contact: Karl Meyer



Great CW Community opportunity at Nashville Greenlands

SEEKING: Two CW families to spin off our ownership of two of the seven houses in our network. Very agreeable terms. Two, four-bedroom houses in excellent, restored condition.

WHY: I am nearing age 84, after 64 years of active engagement with three CW communities. My elderly partner, Pam Beziat, and I need to spin off our responsibility for these two houses, and prepare for good transitions while we still can.

WHERE: These are two of five vacant houses we bought and restored in a historic African-American community, starting twenty-four years ago. The neighborhood is being assaulted by gentrification.

Ownership of other autonomous houses in our network is already spun off to young local activists. We do not presently do classic CW hospitality for people in distress, but our members are deeply engaged as co-founders and/or key workers in five small non-profits that do direct service and advocacy for poor people and for justice in general:

A) - service outreach and advocacy for many homeless friends.

B) - food rescue, and meal preparation and distribution for poor people experiencing food insecurity.

C) - organizing and advocacy to prevent wage theft and gain better conditions for immigrant workers and public transportation workers.

D) Interfaith Power & Light ( Facebook -@NashvilleTIPL ) - organizing among church groups for clean energy and environmental responsibility.

E) - a coalition of local organizations working on many justice and peace issues.


  • Four seniors, two middle-aged, fifteen young people, two babies. - Two risen-away Catholics, one Quaker/Buddhist, one former Mormon, one former JW, three Church of Christ, one Jew, one Methodist, others of unknown religious background, but most came to us because of attraction to classic CW social ethics. Eight African-American heritage, twelve European heritage, one Latin American.

NASHVILLE: A booming metropolis, with lots of work opportunities, and great needs for housing and justice advocacy, in a state with a deeply reactionary government.

CONTACT: Karl Meyer, 615-322-9523,, 2407 Heiman St. Nashville, TN 37208,



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