Tacoma Catholic Worker

Tacoma Catholic Worker

We are committed to loving our neighbors in practical and creative ways. Our model grows out of the Catholic Worker tradition.  Workers and guests live together in community, alongside many other collaborating community members. Workers receive no salary, instead we offer housing that is within the neighborhood in order to allow workers to be nearby, carrying out the mission of the community and contributing to one another’s daily lives.

We have been building community and meeting the needs of homeless neighbors since 1983. Our work centers on Guadalupe House of Hospitality and the surrounding houses and gardens. Out of these spaces, and with our friends and neighbors, we strive to build a community of hope.

We invite people with no place to stay to live with us in our home. We share chores, have communal dinners and work together to care for the place where we live. To the larger community we offer opportunities to pray together, to volunteer, and to participate.

Tacoma Catholic Worker
Guadalupe House of Hospitality
1417 S G St
Tacoma WA 98405

Phone: 253-572-6582 and 253-627-4347

Email: tacomacatholicworker@gmail.com

Website: Tacoma Catholic Worker

Publication: Tacoma Catholic Worker

Jean's House of Prayer (253) 627-4347.

Consider contacting the Tacoma Catholic Worker to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.



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