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Strike Leader

Summary: Details the efforts of the farm workers to unionize and the grape boycott. Compares Cesar Chavez to other non-violent leaders and says they are the word made flesh. Digresses about hospitality as following “Him who came not to be served but to serve.” (DDLW #892). The Catholic Worker, January 1969, pp. 1,7


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Fall Appeal (November 1967)

Summary: An appeal for money. Notes their hospitality for the families of migrants, for pickets in the grape boycott, and the many apartments they rent. “Even as I am writing this a woman comes to borrow twenty-five dollars. She does this every so often and it usually is a dire need.” (DDLW #856). The Catholic Worker, November 1967, 2.

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Loaves and Fishes

Summary: A chapter from Loaves and Fishes. Describes her meeting Peter Maurin and getting out the first edition of The Catholic Worker. Recalls how Peter’s program–roundtable discussions, houses of hospitality, and farm colonies–became the core Catholic Worker program. Extensive quotes from Peter Maurin, including an Easy Essay on utopianism and Christian communism. (DDLW #851). The Catholic Worker, May 1967, 5,6/


On Pilgrimage (March 1965)

Summary: Writing from Albuquerque she contrasts two types of hospitality–the “grand gesture” that doesn’t last and the “unspectacular” that perseveres. Opposes a top down governmental approach to helping the poor and is critical of excessive spending for airbases and for Church decorations. Witnesses the brutal breakup of the civil rights march in Selma, Alabama and relates several incidents of violence and segregation in Mississippi. Keywords: Negro, Black (DDLW #823). The Catholic Worker, March 1965, 1, 2, 6.

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On Pilgrimage (January 1965)

Summary: Spends four joyful months caring for her grandchildren while her daughter Tamar attends practical nursing school. Describes the struggle against the cold at their women’s house of hospitality and challenging discussions about whether they are doing what they advocate (cult, culture, cultivation). Long quote from Gandhi on voluntary poverty. (DDLW #821). The Catholic Worker, January 1965, 1, 2, 6, 8.

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Letter To Our Readers at the Beginning of Our Fifteenth Year

Summary: Outlines P. Maurin’s program for social action as the instituting of Houses of Hospitality, Clarification of Thought and Farming Communes, and explains where the C.W. has gone with each program. Reveals Maurin’s sources of thought and the need to find lay apostolates. Traces personal sacrifices to Jesus’ command in the gospels and asserts that the state cannot take over this duty. (DDLW #155). The Catholic Worker, May 1947, 1,3.

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Room For Christ

Summary: Meditation on hospitality, that is, seeing Christ in those around us, ministering to others the way Christ ministered and was ministered to; with examples of this from the Scriptures. Encourages all to some form of the “privilege” of hospitality not because people remind us of Christ “but because they are Christ.” (DDLW #416). The Catholic Worker, December 1945, 2.

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Catholic Worker Ideas On Hospitality

Summary: Defends against the charge that they do more harm than good in providing hospitality to the undeserving. Asserts that doing the Works of Mercy is following Christ and a revolutionary technique. Points to the monastic tradition of indiscriminate hospitality. Other keywords: Communism, hospices, social order. (DDLW #358). The Catholic Worker, May 1940, 10.